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Brandy Royale Beauty is a home based holistic skincare and aesthetic studio offering a unique version on many treatments found in standard salon spas. Nutrient dense, plant and earth based ingredients are used to formulate herbal infusions as well as the skin and body care used in the treatments.

Brandy Royale Beauty offers more then just beauty treatments but rather a nurturing self care experience. Please join me on this journey.






The goal is radiant, resilient skin.

Our skincare products are sustainably sourced and crafted by herbalists and artisans.

Food for the skin. We use non-invasive traditional massage techniques combined with customized nutrient-rich, plant-based ingredients to feed the skin.

Treatments may be customized with oils, serums, clays, herbs, hydrosols and tinctures.

Our treatments are gentle, effective and aim to provide the foundation for lasting radiant skin.


Facial Attunement (60 mins)

Release your tension. This treatment is beneficial to those who have stiffness in the neck and shoulders or sore, tired eyes. Blood flow will be stimulated, increasing nutrients to the skin, which helps with the production of collagen.



Clarifying Facial (60 mins)

Simple. Gentle. Effective. Lymphatic drainage massage promotes movement of lymphatic waste. Customized skincare products are used to improve the microbiome of the skin.

The Masque Bar (30 mins)

A quick pick-me-up facial. Pick a masque from our featured menu, and receive an accelerated facial for immediate results. This treatment pairs well with a pedicure to maximize on time.


Dermaplaning (60 mins)

Dermaplaning is the process of safely removing the dead skin cells and fine hairs on the face with a surgical grade scalpel. It sounds intimidating but dermaplaning is a completely safe and highly effective deep exfoliating treatment that finishes with a soothing HydroJelly masque.




We use high quality, clean ingredients for our manicures and pedicures. Clients can choose from a seasonal menu, their infused foot soaks and oils according to personal preferences and needs.


Clients choose from a seasonal menu of infused hand and foot soaks.


All manicures and pedicures include shellac nail polish. Please include shellac nail polish removal to the manicure or pedicure to allocate the proper time involved for the removal.


Shellac Polish Removal (15 mins)

Please add the Shellac Polish Removal to your manicures and pedicures if time is needed to remove old polish.


The Original Pedicure (75 mins)

To the point pedicure. 

This pedicure focuses on the area of the foot requiring the most attention in order to achieve smooth, softened heel and polished nails.


The Rejuvenating Pedicure (90 mins)

This pedicure will restores feet to their full potential. The pedicure begins with a seasonal foot soak to soften and relax the feet, followed by a customized exfoliation treatment and is completed with a deep tissue massage with a infused oil of choice.


The Minimal Manicure (30 mins)

This manicure gets right to the point - cuticle cleanup, shape, moisturize and polish.




We use premium wax that is formulated to adhere only to the hair, not the skin. This means less irritation and less pain.


Different wax formulations are used for the face, body and bikini for the best results.

A hydro jelly masque can be added to the treatment to soothe and heal the skin on the face or bikini.


The Complete Brow (60 mins)

Brows are mapped for symmetry, then cleaned up with wax and treated with henna brow tint to complete the brow. The Henna tint generally lasts up to six weeks.


Brow Clean Up (15 mins)



Lip, Chin and Face (15 mins)


Underarm (10 mins)



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